About Us


ACCESS, American Consumer Credit Education Support Services, is a non-profit, tax exempt 501(c)(3) consumer advocacy group whose primary purpose is to disseminate credit education information and assistance to the general public.

ACCESS was formed in 1998 by several credit professionals who were concerned about the adverse trends occurring in personal privacy and credit reporting. With over 100 years of credit experience, they had watched credit move from helping individuals to harming them.

After successfully developing and managing a consumer education website, our board determined there was a fundamental need for financial education. In 2000, ACCESS began visiting colleges and providing a two hour lecture on loans, credit cards, and debt. After six years, the board determined that to make a real difference, in financial acumen, education needed to begin much earlier.

After several years of discussing different alternatives to early education, Mastering Money Basics was born. Our goals were simple: design something fun, establish a priority of educational skills to be built upon year over year, develop a method to encourage school participation, and create a booklet or game for additional complimentary learning.

While there is no quick and easy fix, ACCESS is committed to our children's future by exposing them to key financial concepts. Our Mastering Money Basics is a stepping stone of fundamental concepts that help student live a richer life where dreams can come true.